About Us

How did New Life Community Development Center come about?


Since 1978, Dr. Zoe Grant, New Life Community Development Center Founder & CEO, has provided enrichment, mentoring, career and performance arts services, and instruction for a diverse group of inner-inner city youth, pk-12th grade from the Greater Colorado area. Ms. Grant, a former foster parent for almost 15 years and minister, engaged over 150 youth in life skills sessions, mentoring, and a plethora of other services such as:

  1. Community Civic Engagement projects (attended city council meetings, assisted with voter registration and volunteer projects).
  2. Performance arts training, workshops, and national competitions
  3. Mentoring and guidance
  4. Tutoring and academic support
  5. Teaching and instruction
  6. Theatre and Dramatizations

In addition, Dr. Grant provided guidance and intervention for single-teen parents and parents of the youth that frequented the programs. Prenatal care, educational programming, career training/development, college/scholarship preparation, and some parental training classes were also offered to participants.


Dr. Grant currently works with a group of inter-denominational faith-based volunteers to address community needs on a weekly basis on topics such as:

  1. Low Self-esteem in youth and adults
  2. Anger, Violence & Juvenile Delinquencies
  3. Single Parenting & Family Assistance
  4. Poverty
  5. Academic Failure & High School Drop-Out
  6. Risky Behaviors Prevention: Programs addressing substance abuse & teen pregnancy
  7. Health Seminars & Awareness
  8. Cultural Sensitivity Programs: Black History & Martin Luther King, Jr. Programs
  9. College Prep guidance and mentoring for High School students
  10. College retention and graduation support for College Students


Dr. Grant is now bringing programs to the Temple, Texas, community. In the future, New Life CDC will continue involvement in the community with all of the above-mentioned programs, as well as enhance the program to include services 5 days per week involving the following programs:

  1. College & Scholarship Preparation to include competitions to pay for college costs (books, tuition, transportation, etc.)
  2. Business Etiquette & Professionalism
  3. Career Development (including interview skills and job prep)
  4. Computer Training/Technology Training
  5. Budgeting and Financial Management Classes and
  6. Social service assistance and referral for the entire family
  7. Performance arts training, workshops, and national competitions (to include band, dance/stomp, drill, choir, acting, pantomime, etc.) and
  8. Strengthening the Family Series: includes programs for Seniors, grandparents, re-entry adults, GED/Adult Basic Education, etc.

Caleeah Curley-Smith