Group Housing


A warm place to lay your head – Rooms Available for 3 to 12 persons

Our first goal is a transformation of those facing homelessness and at-risk youth, keeping them safe and off the streets..

Providing everything needed for all of life’s challenges so they can reach their dreams and vision.

Mental health and improving the quality of life of persons with mental illness through advocacy, education, and support.

Our second goal is career building. This program is included as part of the curriculum of the group home and is open to the public as a means for the community. The program is for enhancement and educational opportunities needed for young adults. This program is for enhancement and educational opportunities needed for young adults, adults, and seniors entering or reentering the workforce for a better chance at ending a life of poverty. When leaving the program, they will be empowered with knowledge, so their actions and mentality of worth ethics will strengthen and become sustainable in their community.


  • Must show up for counseling sessions
  • Must be actively looking for employment
  • Must utilize all of our services
  • Must be enrolled in school (age appropriate)

Life Skills

  • Bank Account – Balancing checkbooks, Budgeting, and Financial Management Classes
  • Communication
  • Low Self-esteem in youth and adults
  • Anger, Violence & Juvenile Delinquencies
  • Risky Behaviors Prevention: Programs addressing substance abuse & teen pregnancy
  • Health and Mental Health Seminars & Awareness

All group home residents must be employed or enrolled in our Career Building Program

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